• Lorenza De' Medici

Founder of Coltibuono's Cooking Classes

With a degree in liberal arts, Lorenza de’ Medici began her career as an editor for Novità magazine, where she worked for ten years. (Later the publication merged with Vogue, an international magazine.) Next she started to write children’s books. The first one was called Let’s Play in the Kitchen.
In her sixties, after dedicating time to her family and raising four children, she briefly dealt in antiques. After that, Lorenza opened a shop in Milan called Il Telaio (The Loom), where she sold woven goods and a special line of yarn (wool, cotton, silk, linen, etc.) colored with dyes that took on different shades, depending on the fiber. Her yarns were especially appreciated by famous designers, such as Calvin Klein, who came each year to buy them for their collections. Ferré also used one of Lorenza’s signature fabrics for a bridal gown that is now on exhibit at the Fashion Museum of Paris.
In 1980, Lorenza started the culinary school at Badia a Coltibuono, which from the beginning attracted visitors primarily from the United States. At this stage, many of her books—mostly culinary—were distributed internationally; quite a few were published in English, German, etc. At the same time, she produced The De’ Medici Kitchen, a television series (fourteen in all) for the American PBS television station. The program was also aired in Australia. In the States, during this period, Lorenza’s name was added to the shortlist of the world’s most famous cooks.

The Best-Known Books by Lorenza de’ Medici di Ottajano

Italy the Beautiful Cookbook
(Knapp Press, September 1988)
The Renaissance of Italian Cooking
(Fawcett Columbine, 1989)
The Renaissance of Italian Gardens
(Fawcett Columbine, 1990)
The Villa Table
(Pavilion, 1993)
Lorenza's Antipasti
(C. Potter, 1998)
The De' Medici Kitchen
(Collins Publishers San Francisco, 1992)
(Random House, 1992)
La cucina dello zodiaco (The Cuisine of the Zodiac)
(Longanesi, 1974)
Lorenza's Pasta
(Clarkson Potter, 1996)
The Heritage of Italian Cooking
(Random House, 1990)
Il grande libro dei dolci (The Big Book of Desserts)
My Tuscany
(Duncan Baird, 2003)
Lorenza's Italian Seasons
(Pavilion, 2003)
The list of publications also includes a series of twelve books and two culinary encyclopedias
(Fratelli Fabbri Editore)

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